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This Bubble-less Mixing Machine is stirring devices without biting high sticky bubbles. Paint and such high sticky liquid dose not fade bubbles within 24 hours when bubbles are biting while stirring. And when you spray paint including bubbles up, spraying agglomerate bubbles, it cased defective product.
Bubble-less Mixing machine for our own shape(Patent Pending), it is not easy to bubble up by stirring, it is possible to avoid a wide range of trouble for biting bubbles during stirring. It is possible to use not high sticky but also low.
Acceptance high fluid motion paddle type impeller
Accept various type container for height adjustable
  (13L Bucket, 20L Bucket, 18L Square can, Pail can, Drum can, etc)
Fluoroethylen resin coating liquid around parts, reducing time of changing colors, maintenance
  Flame: Aluminum
Casing : Finishing SUS304 Fluoroethylen resin coating
Propeller: Finishing SUS304 Fluoroethylen resin coating