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The coating equipment which NAKATA COATING produces was produced of out of the high corrosion resistance coating production performed for 25 years. In order to high demand of an in-house product, having made oneself is the beginning of coating equipment product. The machine is designed according to the demand to coating whether a visitor wants what kind of skins to harness the know-how of in-house production and to build with Nakata coating. I propose also as a series of coating systems.
Dip Spin Coating Machine is a coating equipment for mass-production articles, such as a screws. A product is dipped in liquid and Liquid is shaken off and coated with centrifugal Separation. The form of the iron pot has become bowl-like, screws move up wards by rotating, In order that a screw may move downward at the time of stop, it is the structure in which the lump of liquid can not do it easily.
This is Coating Equipment spinning around works inside cube and moving spray unit up and down. It is easy to check skin thickness by timing which moves a spray, revolving speed of cubic, to set up the amount of Jet of a spray.

Firing Furnace is equipment to burn coating . There are constellation of Firing Furnace, batch and conveyer type Firing Furnace etc・・・・・・