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End Mill Processing Machine
End Mill processing machine is used when dealing with harder injection-molded substrate material, for items such as automotive door panels that hold air bag mechanisms. This device uses a specially-shaped end mill to produce the exact groove shape and depth needed on the underside, leaving the cut invisible on the exposed side.

end mill

  • High machining accuracy (+/-0.02mm) assured by high-resolution photography – an integrated high-res camera automatically checks the shape of the end mill and the cut (before and after) to ensure precision.
  • Computer-controlled cuts (with storage of up to 2,000 commands) – with 2-dimensional displacement sensors to check the cut itself the residual thickness of surrounding material.
  • Complete stability for the part being cut – with a support stand and vacuum system to hold the part in place during the procedure. This assures accuracy even on complex forms. sample
Size 2,400×1,600×2,900
Weight 3,500kg
Used air pressure


Axis configuration 3 orthogonal axes+1 wrist rotational axes
Stroke (Max) X…2,000mm