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JAN 1970 Established in Nakata coating co.,Ltd. Address 622 Kamisugeta cho Hodogaya ku Yokohama.
OCT 1977 Head office Plant is completed in 82 Kawashima cho Hodogaya ku Yokohama.
By the conveyor line, Automatic apparatus is installed.
SEP 1982 Completion of the third plant to address 127 Kamisugeta cho, Hodagaya-ku Yokohama. At the same time large automated developed a line, coating such as the start of the fence.
JUN 1984 Completion of the plant to address 889 Nippa cho Kohoku-ku Yokohama.
AUG 1984 Recognized Nakata coating co.,ltd. Capital increased to \10 million.
JUL 1985 Installing the system line of the new surface treatment of FA court Nippa plant.
MAR 1987 For immersion fluid system orders from China No 1 exporter in china.
MAY 1989 Capital increased to ¥30 million.
NOV 1989 Kyoto Plant completed at 44 Koaza murahigashi oazamonura kumiyamacho kusegun kyoto.
MAR 1990 Completion of the plant powder slush molding partnership in 2454-2 Itani kanuma shi Tochigi ken.
AUG 1991 The headquarters factory enlargement, Integration Nippa factory Powder coating and FA coating line established.
APR 1992 Export to South Korea Powder Slush Molding Machine.
MAY 1994 Development of ultra-high efficiency, multi-function, multi-purpose powder slush molding machine (MPSM).
SEP 1994 Encouragement Award Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development above slush molding machine.
FEB 1995 Development of large bolts, dip spin for nuts.
MAY 1995 Completed rotation molding machine for the production of ultra-large container.
OCT 1996 Build a new head office.
APR 1998 Established the Nakata Art, began selling its own brand of gardening products.
JUN 1998 Completed a new plan in Machida. Tokyo.
APR 1999 Completed Art Garden. Began operating as retail. Inc Nakata Art.
JAN 2001 Machida factory, ISO9002 acquired certification.
MAR 2002 Established Nakata coating (Shanghai) co.,ltd.
DEC 2003 Migration to version Machida plant ISO2000.
111 Kouzuyanishikubo Yawata Kyoto Plant relocation.
MAR 2005 Start of production of chromium-free coating type FA Kyoto Plant.
JUN 2005 Start of production of chromium-free coating type FA Machida Plant.
MAR 2006 Launched by the diversion levee recycling plastic cover, U-shaped groove of the light weight.
APR 2006 Nakata retail shops as cover art hyperbaric oxygen moist02 high concentration opened in Machida Tokyo.
Started the development of micro-nano bubble generator.
NOV 2006 Nakata art started as a sales representative of hyperbaric oxygen capsule.
OCT 2007 Moist02 high concentration.
MAR 2007 Installation of the equipment in water producing hydrogen plant in Numazu,Shizuoka Prefecture.
MAY 2008 Nakata art becomes a distributor and begins to sell hydrogen water.
DEC 2008 Itro co.,Ltd in affiliation.
JAN 2009 Started selling bubble less mixer.
Goods order start thin film rust coating, Z-1 coat.
DEC 2012 Awarded the 30th Superior Management "R&D person" prize by Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun.
APR 2013 Started sales of highly anti-corrosive coating Super FAcoat 9000.
SEP 2013 Completed the Nakata-art-Hybrid Residential home model.Commenced sales.
AUG 2014 Granted certification for the fourth consecutive year by Yokohama city "innovative company with intellectual properties".
OCT 2014 Established NAKATA USA in San Antonio TX, U.S.A.
DEC 2014 Commerdialized "lmitron"(coating agent)which is ebolved from Polyimide resin.
MAR 2017 Awarded "technology development" prize from TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN, INC. to the downsizing powder slush machine for IP skin molding machine.

Total acquired patents --- 51patents