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Invisible tear processing machine is to produce a groove by using special blade on sheet-shaped material made from PVC, TPO, TPU, etc, leaving rest residual thickness, The air bag which could develop easily and certainly by the deployment power of the air bag request and was moreover excellent invisible nature. It is equipment which supplies the interior component of door part efficiently
A cold edge with little consumption by original development
  In order that the consumption which was a fault of the cold edge might conquer a large point, the cold edge of the special form which can be used 10,000 times or more was developed.
It became possible to perform processing with high invisible nature without the deterioration and degradation by the heat which is a merit of a cold edge by this at low cost.
Form measurement of the cold edge by an outside displacement sensor
  Performing state detection of a call edge before processing cuts in the always good state.
As a result, the formation accuracy of fracture proposed lines can be kept constant. And when the abnormalities by consumption are exchange of cold edge are performed quickly.
Outer skin fixating using a vacuum
  By fixing an outer skin to support stand using Vacuum equipment, it can stabilized and fix to a predetermined position in the even state also with complicated form.
Since an even state is held and fracture proposed lines are formed in an outer skins fracture proposed lines with uniform rest of thickness can be formed often.
Measurement of the rest of thickness by a two-dimensional displacement sensor
  The rest of thickness displacement sensor of fracture accurate and quickly our invisible tear processing machine can store max.2000 production data of depth of score.