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This Powder Slush Molding Machine producing skins for automobile instruments panel by melting plastic powder in the female mold (electroformed nickel mold)
It prevents molds from cracking by distortion and cooling process using uniform temperature control.(over 30,000 shots)
Product weight is reduced by 10% compared with another method because uniform average skin thickness
Compared with heating method, no special know-how for mold manufacturing
Options:Mold automatic changer, Material Provisioning equipment
other method: oil heating method, fluidized bed method, etc
Appricable resins
  ・Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer resin(TPO)
・Thermoplastic polyerethane elastomer resin(TPU)
・Flexible plyvinyl chloride resin (PVC)
【Energy saving (Reducing running cost by 50%)】
(1)Mold heating method
Direct heating method using costless LPG(LNG)

(2)Mold cooling method
Uniform cooling by shower and air blow and shortening cooling time by utilization of vaporization heat

【High Quality molding】
Powder is fluidized by air blow which contributes to uniform surface
Improved ability of excess powder removal (patent pending)
Prevemtion of powder leaking at sealed face

(2)Reduction of uneven color
Uniform heating by controlled hot air blow
Powdering pattern setting for each mold is available