Primer-less flame system improves adhesiveness between plastic basement and materials like as PVC, TPO, TPU, etc without primer treatment. So, it is possible to maintain same performance even with the lower grade and costless materials inks, and paints.
Easy adhesion or painting on bumper or inserts made of less adhesive material by changing surface property of material
Make ready such as jig exchange can be simultaneously done on one side for a different type of car while the treatment is being done on the other side
Processing time can be saved by pre-teaching of insert shape to the robot
Increase dyne/cm from approx.30% to approx 70% and effect lasts 1 week
Process time can be saved thanks to the reversible work base since exchange of insert on one work base since exchange of insert on one work base is possible while the treatment is carried out on the other side of work base
Since the work base is turned by axial rotation ,speedy rotation is possible which contributes to process time saving

Dyne index of aluminium

Non treated surface Approx 40dyu/cm2

Flame nozzle
Treated surface Approx 64dyu/cm2